Bioenergy Concept GmbH
Bioenergy Concept GmbH

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Bioenergy Concept GmbH

Bioenergy Concept GmbH

About Bioenergy Concept Working for your sustainable energy project

Bioenergy Concept was founded in 2007. Based on many years of experience in project and construction management of Anaerobic Digestion projects.

Our new and innovative digester design

In 2015/2016 we developed and patented a new and innovative digester design.

Our digester has a sloped floor with a VC Extraction Technology - grit and sand are taken out of the digester continiously, with no moving parts inside the digester, so the digester has never to be taken out of operation for cleaning.

We are now looking for licensees and business partners for our patented digester design.

Other services and products

Bio-char and bio-oil production from waste wood

  • Project planning and engineering

  • construction management/supervision

  • Components for biogas plants

  • Process engineering

  • Service and after sales support

  • Waste heat to cooling planning

  • project consultancy

  • feasability studies

  • due diligence studies